Continuing Medical Education CME/PD is defined as educational activities, which aim to keep health practitioners abreast with the latest developments in their specialties and related fields.

The society will do the requirements for conferences CME accreditation at SCFHS which include: registration, paying all the fees and submitting the conferences attendance data.

General rules:

  1. Attendance certificates will be registered to those who attended the complete activity otherwise the actual credit hours attended by the health practitioner will be specified
  2. Complete the accreditation form, which is available on the conference website
  3. Abide with the entire general instructions and regulations stipulated by the Executive Rule for Continuing Medical Education and Professional Developing
  4. Please make sure your SCFHS card is still valid after the conference. We will not be able to register CME hours for expired cards nor for renewed cards after the limited time we have post-conference for registration.
  5. Complete fee payment specified by conference
  6. One Educational hour is equal to ONE CME/PD hour for Lecture, Symposium and specialized workshop.
  7. Maximum accredited hours for any lecture within the program is only ONE CME/PD hour even if the lecture period for more than one hour.
  8. The following has half CME hours:
    1. Panel Discussion
    2. Case Presentation
    3.  Hands on” Training “
    4. General Skill workshop
  9. The following conference times are not recognized as CME:

I. Registration

II. Opening and Closing Remarks

III. Discussion

IV. Question and Answer (Q&A)

V. Coffee and lunch break

VI. Prayers

VII. Poster Viewing


Saudi Commission For Health Specialties

  • SCFHS has been authorized by the royal decree to manage arranging and scheduling of health conferences in order to avoid duplication, conflict and repeated subjects in one city; SCFHS set conditions and processes for conference reservation as follows:
  • SCFHS shall have the right to accredit the number of hours for any given activity according to the recommendation of its scientific review committee and not necessarily as shown by the organizer
  • SCFHS has the full right to refuse applications received after application deadline, incomplete applications that do not meet the requirements
  • CME hours obtained by the health practitioner shall be taken during the period of before the license renewal is due
  • Each physician required30 hours every year while nurses required 15 hours
  • Attendance shall be for the whole period of the activity according to the period accredited by SCFHS
  • Handwritten or scanned certificates shall not be accepted by SCFHS


 Saudi Exhibition and Convention Bureau (SECB)

  • SECB is the authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which designs public policies which develop the convention and exhibition sector in the Kingdom, in coordination with the relevant authorities according to their respective fields.
  • Issue and govern licenses for sector related events held in the Kingdom, in coordination with all concerned authorities. ​
  • SECB has the right to request, keep and view all videos taken during the conference up to 2 years after the event.
  • Engaging in, supporting, or funding political activity is prohibited by law.
  • Full respect to Islamic values Arabic culture and Saudi tradition.
  • Attendees must be 18 years of age to attend the Conference, and all related events.  Requests for any exception to this term must be made in writing to the Conference Organizer.
  • Following the regulatory compliance with SECB as well as providing delegates with practical information, advice and support to ensure safety and enjoyments in our conference, we would like to high lights the following points: