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Dear Colleagues:

It is my pleasure to invite you to attend the 24th Saudi ORL Society Conference in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This prestigious event will take place from December 13-14, 2017 at the Fairmont hotel. The Saudi ORL Society annual meeting offers an unparalleled opportunity to network with and learn from the preeminent leaders in ENT and stroke science and clinical practice.

The Saudi ORL Conference has grown to be one of the most important conferences in the middle east. Thanks to the quality of the scientific program and tremendous support from our partner organizations, distinguished faculty, delegates and the industry.

This annual event features many opportunities to network with colleagues from around the Middle East in an exciting environment. The scope and quality of the scientific exchange make Scientific Sessions the premier ENT research and instructional meeting in the region. This event features two days of the best in ENT clinical practice and scientific content covering all aspects of basic, clinical, population and translational content.

For these reasons and many more, I hope you’ll join us in Makkah this December.

Sincerely yours,

Dr.Abdulmonem H. Al Shaikh  

Conference Chairman

Distinguished Guests

  • Dr. Mohammed Adel Basyuni
  • Dr. Saleh Aldahri
  • Dr. Saad Assiri
  • Dr. Abdulaziz Sabri Alhejji
  • Prof. Kamal J. Daghistani
  • Dr. Khalid Al-Qahtani
  • Prof. Mahmut Tayyar Kalcioglu
  • Dr. Alfarghal Khalifa Mohammed
  • Dr. Samir Shaheen
  • Dr. Bader Mohammed Alim
  • Dr.Dalia Ahmed Alarfaj
  • Dr. Syed Imdad Husain Hashmi
  • Ms. Siti Hajar Sanudin
  • Dr. Sara Ghazi Almutari
  • Dr. Zaid Abdulrahman Almubarak
  • Ms. Salmah Alharbi
  • Dr. Emad Khoshak
  • Mr. Naif Abdullah Bawaseer
  • Prof. Khalid Almalki
  • Dr. Farid Alzahrani
  • Dr. Saleh Saker Alamry
  • Prof. Magued Moufid A. Mashaly
  • Dr. Maha Mustafa Zaitoun
  • Dr. Lujain Khaled Abdalwassie
  • Dr. Beshair Abdulrahman Aldriweesh
  • Mr. Ali Radhi Alhayek
  • Dr. Ahmed Ezzat Mohammed Saleh
  • Dr. Ahmed Elbana
  • Dr. Ahmad Abdulrauf Mirza
  • Dr. Abdulmalik Ismail
  • Dr. Soekirman Perpatih
  • Mr. Ibrahim Alnajashi
  • Dr. Faisal AlShuwair
  • Dr. Makki Almuntashri
  • Dr. Fida Almuhawas
  • Dr. Abdullah Aljaafaru
  • Dr. Badi Aldosari
  • Prof. Sameer Bafaqeeh
  • Dr. Murad Omar Almomani
  • Prof. Mohamed Ibrahim Shabana
  • Dr. Mariam Jaber Aljehani
  • Dr. Medhat Yousef
  • Prof. Mohamed Moustafa Abdeltawwab
  • Prof. Khalid AlAhmari
  • Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Khater
  • Dr. Khaled Abdulaziz Abumansour
  • Dr. Ahmad AlHarbi
  • Dr. Saif Abdulghani Alghamdi
  • Dr. Lahmari Zoheir Allaoua
  • Ms. Ibtehaj Mohammed Al Harbi
  • Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Bugis
  • Dr. Nasser Waleed Alobida
  • Dr. Mai Abdulla AlNasser
  • Dr. Zeinab Ali Alqudehy
  • Dr. Asmaa Ahmed Abdelhamid Saad
  • Dr. Yaser Al Sabi
  • Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abdelgoad
  • Dr. Eman Mostafa
  • Dr. Tamer Mesallam
  • Dr. Megahed Ahmed
  • Dr. Hatem Hassan
  • Prof. Marina Matbaki
  • Dr. Bayan Khalid Sabb Gul
  • Dr. Abdulrahman Ibrahim Alakeel
  • Dr. Afnan Essam Jiffri
  • Dr. Sahar Abdullah Futayni
  • Dr. Ayaaz Habib
  • Dr. Nabeel Humayun Hasan
  • Ms. Asala Hamza Baharoon
  • Dr. Mohammed Hassan Shaheen
  • Dr. Hisham Elsayed Elbaden
  • Dr. Jabir Mohammed Alharbi
  • Dr. Saleh Khalid Alqaryan
  • Dr. Ali Saeed Alqahtani
  • Dr. Noura Abdulaziz Alnajdi
  • Dr. Fahad Ali Alharbi
  • Mr. Fahad Saleh AlDhahri
  • Dr. Mansour Al-Assiry
  • Ms. Shaikha Hamed Aldossari
  • Mr. Firas Addas
  • Dr. Aseel Doubi
  • Dr. Noor Dina Hashim
  • Dr. Suliman AlSuliman
  • Dr. Bassam Bugis
  • Ms. Abeer Zubair Malebari
  • Dr. Ibrahim Sumaily
  • Prof. Salina Husain
  • Ms. Esraa Althobaiti
  • Dr. Ahlam Almalki
  • Dr. Khalid Hakami
  • Dr. Hesham Elmashad
  • Dr Majed Assiri
  • Dr. Fahad Alrabieah
  • Dr. Abdullah Alqahtani
  • Dr. Ali Almomen
  • Dr. Jihan Almaddah
  • Dr. Rashid Al-Abri
  • Dr. Abdulmomen Al Sheikh
  • Dr. Tamer Mesallam
  • Dr. Shaza Saleh
24th Saudi ORL Conference December13-14, 2017 SECB: CFS2017-131
مؤتمر الجمعية السعودية للانف و الاذن و الحنجرة و جراحة الرقبة 23
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